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Boko Haram vs. Charlie Hebdo – media representation in the EU, in Africa and worldwide

In my work I will describe the media representation of the Charlie Hebdo attack and that of the Baga massacre. The two atrocities have happened more or less at the same time. On 7 January 2015, two Al-Qaeda members shot … Weiterlesen

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State-building, Putin Style

The formation of the modern state is a process of monopolising the physical and symbolic violence over a territory and its population. Vladimir Putin has learnt this lesson and enforces his agenda of splitting the Ukraine and creating a Russian … Weiterlesen

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Citizenship and Identity. Love Hate Relationship?

I was born in Leon, a city of 100,000 inhabitants located in North West Spain. Technically being born was the only thing I did there, as my parents and baby me instantly moved to Santander, a city located on the … Weiterlesen

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