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Understanding Boko Haram

One of the first questions that naturally come to mind when talking about religious extremist groups is: “Does Religion make Difference”? Based on the work of Hasenclever and Rittberger, a number of philosophical approaches may be of use. According to … Weiterlesen

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Studying some factors that encourage/deter military takeovers. The example of the Philippines

The military coup in Thailand has raised questions about the stability of the government in other countries of Southeast Asia. Mark Beeson (2008) has also studied civil–military relations in the neighbouring countries to find out whether a similar scenario is … Weiterlesen

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Liberal Democracy in Thailand

The development of non-liberal regimes on the road to democracy is a highly regarded subject of study, for this process has proved to be much more tenuous than the initial overthrowing of the previous regime, and often results in failure. … Weiterlesen

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